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Melehy & Associates LLC wins decisive, landmark case in favor of fair pay for front-line grocery store workers.

For Sales Representatives who are responsible for stocking shelves at supermarket chains, working hours can range between 50-80 hours per week or more and often, overtime is not compensated fairly according to the law.

Melehy & Associates LLC went to trial in a case involving several sales representatives, one who had worked for 14 years without ever receiving overtime pay. In a ruling, the U.S. District Court in Maryland decided that the Fair Labor Standards Act does apply, and compensation for unpaid overtime must be provided. In the words of one of the Sales Representatives, “I have waited a long time for this moment and now feel vindicated by the Judge’s ruling.”

Suvita Melehy, of Melehy & Associates LLC commented: “We are exceedingly pleased with the Court’s ruling, which will have far-reaching impact on many front-line grocery store workers all across the nation. The plaintiffs are essential workers who write orders and stock shelves at grocery stores. They deserve to be paid overtime pay for the countless hours they toil to ensure that food gets to our tables. The pandemic has brought to the forefront the importance of the plaintiffs’ work and it is our hope that this ruling will bring about much-needed change to the industry to ensure that these workers are not exploited.”

Melehy & Associates Represents Almost Exclusively Employees, and Has a Proven Track Record in Wage and Hour and Discrimination Cases

Melehy & Associates LLC has been dedicated to protecting the rights of employees for 21 years. If your employer has failed to pay you overtime or straight-time the wages you are owed, failed to provide you with medical leave or reasonable accommodation, discriminated against you, or wrongfully terminated you from your job, then you are entitled to justice under the law. Melehy & Associates LLC is a client-focused law firm that provides sophisticated legal services. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to representing clients with the highest level of skill, advocacy, integrity, responsiveness and professionalism. We have been fighting for the rights of employees for over two decades and we routinely litigate in federal and state courts, including jury and non-jury trials and we also litigate cases in administrative forums such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The Firm Has the Experience to Protect Your Rights

At Melehy & Associates LLC, our attorneys collectively have decades of experience in wage and hour law and discrimination law and are committed to protecting the rights of the employees it represents.

Are You Being Paid Minimum Wages?

A non-exempt worker must be paid at least minimum wages per hour. Even if you are paid a daily or weekly salary, the law is violated unless your average hourly rate is equal to or greater than the minimum wage. The minimum wages in various locations are listed below.

District of Columbia: $15.00 per hour
Maryland: $11.00 per hour
Montgomery County, Maryland: $13.25 per hour
Prince George’s County, Maryland: $11.50 per hour
Federal and Virginia: $7.25 per hour

*This information on this website is not nor is it intended be legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your particular situation.

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