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Are You Being Denied Minimum Wages?

Are You Being Denied Minimum Wages?

Minimum wages are legally required hourly rates that must be paid and your employer cannot pay you even a dime less than those rates. They are specified below.

District of Columbia: $15.00 per hour

Maryland: $11.00 per hour

Montgomery County, Maryland: $13.25 per hour

Prince George’s County, Maryland: $11.50 per hour

Federal and Virginia: $7.25 per hour


Even if you are paid a daily or weekly rate, your average hourly must be equal to or greater than the rates specified above, or your employer is violating the law.  If so, you may be entitled to the unpaid wages, penalties and the attorney’s fees and costs you incur pursuing a claim.

If you are the victim of wage theft and are thinking of pursuing a claim, you should contact an attorney who is very knowledgeable and experienced in this area of the law.

*This information on this blog is not nor is it intended be legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your particular situation.

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