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Have You Suffered Discrimination?

Discrimination has long been prohibited by law in the workplace. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is perhaps the best known of the laws regulating this conduct. Title VII prohibits discrimination in a broad range of employment activities, including hiring and firing, compensation, promotions, training, benefits, and many other aspects. Sadly, incidences of this type of discrimination still occur on a daily basis.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Is Not A Thing Of The Past

Sexual harassment is ubiquitous throughout the workplace. Some people are often thoughtless in recognizing how demeaning their behavior can be. Some may find treating others in this manner a way to get what they want or drive some people from the workplace. It is always illegal. How your employer responds is often the difference between an unfortunate occurrence and an actionable pattern and practice of sexual harassment.

Wage & Hour Law

Experienced Help With Wage And Hour Laws

One of the most insidious of employment law offenses made against employees are violations of wage and hour laws. Federal laws, like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), provide rules for wages, how employees hours of work are calculated, how to determine overtime and whether it applies.

Representative Cases

The trial lawyers and attorneys of Melehy & Associates law firm have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in matters of employment law, employment discrimination law, False Claims Act (fraud on the government), whistleblower law, civil rights lawsdivorce lawreal estate law, and general civil law.


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