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Experienced Help With Wage And Hour Laws

One of the most insidious of employment law offenses made against employees are violations of wage and hour laws. Federal laws, like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), provide rules for wages, how employees hours of work are calculated, how to determine overtime and whether it applies.

Are You Required To Work Off The Clock?

Employers often use tricks and coercion to erode these rules and reduce the wages they pay to their employees. They will demand an employee stay a “few” minutes every night after closing, or insist they are too busy to allow lunches or breaks. They often misclassify employees as “managers” or “independent contractors” and force them to work significant overtime for no additional pay.

Wage Theft Is Illegal

If you have experienced this, we can help. Our attorneys at Melehy & Associates LLC, can help you determine if your employer is adhering to the law and if they are misclassifying you or violating other wage and hour laws; we can represent you and work to obtain compensation for your stolen hours.

Misclassification occurs when an employee is given a title like assistant manager or manager on duty, but is required to do much the same work as any other worker. But because the employer calls them a “manager,” and pays them a straight salary, it can save thousands of dollars in overtime pay when those “managers” have to work 50 or 60 hour weeks. Ironically, in many cases, such a manager may wind up working for less than minimum wage.

Are You Really Exempt?

Some workers who are covered by the FLSA, are exempt from the overtime rules. These employees are paid a salary, and have duties that usually are classified as “executive,” “professional” or “administrative.”

To be a manager or supervisor, you must supervise at least two other employees and have duties that include genuine input into personnel decisions such as hiring, firing or promotions. Whether you truly are exempt may be a complex determination and some employers may use that complexity to misrepresent titles or positions as a means of extracting uncompensated overtime.

If you have questions or concerns with your job, even if you work in a “professional” workplace, our lawyers can help answer your questions and work with you to help build a case for your rightful compensation.

Contact Our Firm

Wage and hour cases can be complex and confusing. We can help sort out the details and determine if you have a viable cases of wage theft. Call our attorneys at our Silver Spring, Maryland, office at 301-587-6364 or use our online form.

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